Monday, August 31, 2009

big mistakes

mhh.. actually,i'm lil shock..maybe,she try to say something about someone she really sounds like 'her' and 'me' i did something wrong with her?God, i really won't have an enemies in my life..she really off,to someone..whoe called 'her'..or this is just my imagination?sigh..oh,,grammer kacau.. .hoho..actually, ill try to think positive,but..ican't...i keep trying to being postive,positive....positive..but always ended with negative thing...hiks..

then,i'm sorry, my friend..if i did some mistakes,like...annoyed u anyway...its just me...seseorang yang bnyaaakkk kekurangannya dan so tauuu.....hiks..>.<

galau,bneran galau..kayanya bner yah? hrus mnyelesaikannya bsok..smangat intan..!!
i want to apologize..thats a better way,mudah2an.Amin..intan...intan...Ya Allah,sy galau..>..<


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