Saturday, October 24, 2009

Music for your soul From the movie Jeux d'enfants (english version : Love me if you dare)

i didn't know what the story of the movie about, i'm just searching 'frou - frou - let go' videos, and then i find this movie trailer..i want to see this movie so bad...>.<..where i can find this DVD btw?

Friday, October 9, 2009

one of greatest artist -- - - -- Yoko Furusho

i'm just searching some graphis design artwork, and then find freehand artwork by 'YOKO FURUSHO' on DRIPBOOK. she's from japan, and living in NY. these picts just hypnotyzing me. very inspiring, and cute..lovely...

Yoko Furusho, specializes in intricately detailed illustrations with tangible textures. She recently won the Chopsticks New York Magazine Cover Artist contest and will be illustrating the covers for the next year. I wish I had learned about Furusho soon..mmh...

Thursday, October 8, 2009


di Indonesia mungkin baru beberapa org yg punya jam tangan merk ini,itupun orang2 tertentu..yahh..tentunya urang yang punya duit banyak!! d luar...udah bnyak yg mulai mempopulerkan merk 'nooka' ini...yg udah diendorse untuk mempromosikan merk nooka ini salah satunya adalah Kanye West..iyyyap..btull...Kanye West!!musisi hip hop Amerika yg lg naik daun itu kayanya emang lg diendorse dimana2 yah...ikon 'niga' dan hip hop-nya sangat melekat pd artis satu ini...artis lain yg mulai mempopulerkan merk ini juga adalah Rihanna, N.E.R.D...salah satunya adalah jenis nooka 'glow in the dark':

what a cool watch...................mmmmmmmmmm....

Friday, October 2, 2009

polaroid android

well, udah sering dibahas...klo sy udah dr kpan taun doyaannn bgt ama popotoan... dan.. polaroid!!! tapi apa daya,i don't have money to buy that!apalagi SLR,LOMO..hha...kelaut keinginan itu udah ga terlalu menggebu2 mengingat kemarin sy nemu software, namanya baru tau,trnyata efek polaroid bisa kita bikin sendiri tanpa memakai kamera Polaroid asli!software ini mengubah foto kita yang biasa2 aja jd kaya foto hasil jepretan polaroid!tinggal search aja,kawan2!ke google..keywordsnya cukup polroid,ntar kmu bakalan temuin tuh..softwarenya..en tinggal download aja..okay.okay..^^..ini dya beberapa sample yg udh diedit:

about oxford shoe

this one of i have,iSHoes oxford shoe with a lot of perforation on there..i love it so much ;D

this one for men ..ohh,so shiny!;p

i always want this one,but its too vintage,..;p[ah..gmana si?];D

yuhuu..this one called oxford ankle boot..mhh,so mature.. :p

did you know?every shoes have an unique history and story..even they're size is small,and thats always stay on your feet?btw,i wanna tell you a lil bit story about oxford shoe from WIKIPEDIA.

An Oxford shoe is a style of Leather Shoe with enclosed lacing. Oxford shoes are traditionally constructed of leather and were historically rather plain. The shoes originally appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where they are occasionally called Balmorals. The design of the shoe is often plain, but may include some small ornamentation or perforations.

The meaning of the terms Oxford and Balmoral vary geographically; in the U.S., Balmoral is synonymous with Oxford; elsewhere, especially in Britain, the Balmoral is a particular type of Oxford where there are no seams (apart from the toe cap) descending to the welt, a style particularly common on boots.

there's many main type of men's laced shoes, the Derby, the two flaps of leather with the piercings for the laces are stitched together at the bottom. The shoes can be made from a variety of leathers for different situations, ranging from formal evening shoes of patent leather, to daytime shoes. These are most commonly black or brown, and may be Brouged. The toes may be plain or capped (less formal). Some leathers, such as suede or patterned leathers, and brown leather, are less formal, while other options, such as black leather, are more formal; features of comparable formality are traditionally combined, making combinations such as 'black full brogue' or 'plain capless suede' unorthodox innovations.

More exotic colours and leathers are occasionally seen, such as purple or oxblood, and crocodile skin.

Thursday, October 1, 2009 of beautifull place in the world

before i die..i wan t to go to this place..YES!!its Tuscany....Italy...